jeudi 10 septembre 2015

To the Bretagne-Berlin Friendship

Textes et photos de notre bateau-pote le Dr Sebastian G. :


Once upon a time, in August 2015, sailors from France and Germany met by chance close to Stockholm: Valere and Guenola on their Beneteau First 210 'Cartahu' (right) from the Bretagne in France, sailing around Europe with changing friends since almost a year. And, Sebastian on his Hurley 20 'Lumumba' (left) from Berlin in Germany, sailing also with changing friends from Berlin to Stockholm and back for a summer.

The crews spent around 10 awesome days together and sailed from Stockholm to Arkösund. They discovered plenty of beautiful islands, performed thrilling match races, made huge fires and barbecues, didn't catch a single fish, built pop-up-saunas in the forest, cooked, drank, swam and danced together...


2 commentaires:

  1. nice pics! i miss cartahu and its captain!
    but where is the picture of the pop up sauna?

  2. La preuve que Cartahu est un grand bateau!